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about our company

Starliche’s innovative new style of making furniture really compliments a new style of living.

Our homes & apartments are getting smaller as we head into a more European style of living. With Starliche we have space on our minds all the time.

Our products not only will amaze you but also saves you a lot of space, makes entertain family or friends much cashier with our 3 in 1 foldable furniture units.

With our storage base bed, you will be able to pack away, store goods or winter or summer clothes freeing up space in your cupboard.

We offer a wide range of modern magical furniture at the best rates and grantee, its unique as you won’t find the same anywhere else.

30 Years on Global Market

Years Working with renowned partners

Our Team

Ibrahim Mısırlı

CEO of Company

Ibrahim is the CEO and owner of Starliche, formerly known as Decotown.

Name and Surname

Senior Manager

Name and Surname manages all the operations of Starliche

Name and Surname

Marketing Specialist

Name is responsible for the marketing of the company

Happy Customers

Contact us

  • 87 Capital Hill Commercial Estate Corner of K101 & Le Roux Avenue Midrand, Johannesburg, South Africa
  • Telephone: (+27) 084 986 2288
  • E-mail: info@starliche.co.za

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