Acrylic Board Gloss

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Acrylic doors are preferred due to being the healthy choice and having a surface as bright as a mirror’s surface.since the surface of doors is shiny and radiant, the material is used in the production of kitchen and bathroom cabinet doors, television unit and cupboard doors. Using an acrylic door on a kitchen cabinet with a combination of granite counter along with white articles and accessories displays an eye catching appearance The fact that acrylic doors are made of sanitary, durable, long-lasting material which is water and humidity resistant also add value to the area of application.





Acrylic doors are easily cleaned, it is even possible to remove and repair scratches with wax polish. Having a completely smooth surface; acrylic doors can maintain the brightness of their colors and patterns on the first day of use for many years due to protective layer created using UV technology as acrylic doors do not contain any hazardous or carcinogenic materials, they also offer a wide variety of color and pattern options. The tapes applied on the sides of the acrylic doors can be also same color.

Acrylic doors should be wiped off with a soft cloth using a furniture surface cleaner  and the surface should be left dry for 24 hours and not come into any contact in order to increase resistance against scratches. Solvent thinner based chemical materials should not be used for cleaning the acrylic doors.

The area of application for acrylic doors is not limited to only kitchen and bathroom cabinets. They can also be used for all types of home shop and business place decoration.

Color Width Length Thickness
White 1220mm 2800mm 18mm
Cream 1220mm 2800mm 18mm
Black 1220mm 2800mm 18mm
Red 1220mm 2800mm 18mm
Marron 1220mm 2800mm 18mm
Damson 1220mm 2800mm 18mm
Green 1220mm 2800mm 18mm
Brown 1220mm 2800mm 18mm
Cappuccino 1220mm 2800mm 18mm
Anthracite 1220mm 2800mm 18mm
Cotton beige 1220mm 2800mm 18mm
Cotton copper 1220mm 2800mm 18mm
Zebrano 1220mm 2800mm 18mm
Bamboo 1220mm 2800mm 18mm


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